Wasted: The Art of Waste

Wasted: The Art of Waste

The idea of creating something new from waste is an exciting idea. In a world where there is no longer enough space for the vast amount of waste in landfills spread across the earth, a lot of that waste being discarded fast fashion or fabric wasted during the production of clothing; isn’t it a lovely thought to turn those scraps into art? The basic cycle of life and nature: beauty, degradation and then back to beauty is the inspiration behind my concept.

I wanted to create something from the scraps of fabric left over from my own sewing. I began to notice how much was going to waste when sewing up garments and felt guilty creating bags and bags of rubbish of just fabric… considering how much waste factories create. The brief given was to create a one-minute fashion film under two themes. The theme “Wasted: The Art of Waste’’ stood out to me when we received this project, and I began to explore the abundance of waste materials at my disposal.

Taking it quite literally, I decided to create an abstract piece of art using plaster of paris and my left-over scraps of pure white linen for my fashion film. The use of natural elements like plaster of paris and pure linen in the artwork create an organic feel that I wanted to carry through to my mood board, keeping to neutral tones of cream, white and beige. The various textures in these images reveal a softness and rawness that intertwine and blend together, just like the idea of beauty and degradation and its continuous cycle in nature.

Details of work

Title: Waste: The Art of Waste

Year Created: 2021

Artist:  Taylan Wahl


October 6, 2021

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