Utopia – the future city

Utopia – the future city

Title: Utopia – the future city
Year created: 2021
Technique: Digital illustration using Adobe Illustration

Author’s details: 
Name: Zandiswa Nsizwana, Zamambo Mkhize, and Nokwanda Sithole

About me:

The future is prosperous  

Utopia is the prediction of an imaginary place . It is a place where we have overcome all obstacles and reached a state of perfection through the powerful use of technology. With relation to this, further discussion will be compiled with the creative design of the collage and the transportation node thought inventions. 

The transportation node which is a bus stop is inclusive of a sanitising station and individual sitting which encourages social distancing, this transport node is not only protective over covid-19 but also over future pandemics that we might face. The design and materials used were inspired by futuristic architecture and the space age. The bus station’s design consists of rounded edges on geometrical shapes and this was drawn from the space age era. The transport node is also inclusive of space technology, which  will cover everyday service for terrestrial such as weather forecasting, systems, satellite television screen and long-distance communication system which critically relies on space infrastructure (Lource:20015). These new technologies include television screens which will show advertisements teaching about current events. We also included alarms which will sense transport when it is about to approach the bus stop, Wi-Fi is also installed for distance communication. 

The materials used are suitable for both hot and cold weather conditions. The green wall was inspired by futuristic architecture, according to Canevet.M futuristic architecture and building designs within the environment will often have nature and the use of organic materials applied into it. The use of wood flooring was inspired by the futuristic deign and its use of organic materials. 

The future looks beyond our currents situations and pandemic, “post covid-19”. The future city is a place of freedom and freedom has no boundaries, this freedom is well applied into the architectural buildings of the future through advanced technology. The collage shown above for the future city is in the form of cityscape. The future city will provide world class facilities and expertise to aid in the development of new products and services, as well as improving quality of life and environmental protection (2009: para2). This idea is well portrayed through the images used in the collage above. 

The future is prosperous as we do have the solutions of tomorrow in the present that will allow us to have a perfectly successful future city. The future is based on the now, our current experiences are what shapes our future as we come up with innovative ideas to help us overcome our present and future pandemics. 


October 11, 2021

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