To Pimp a butterfly

Title of the artwork: To pimp a butterfly

Description of the artwork: Although the butterfly and caterpillar are completely different, they are one and the same. While a global pandemic has been a looming risk for decades, COVID-19 has come as a shock to society, health systems, economies, and governments worldwide. In the midst of extraordinary challenges, uncertainty, and countless personal tragedies, an initial step to enhancing belongingness and initiating social interactions became popular. Post-Covid will introduce a lot of butterflies excelling in all fields of creativeness through social media, confident built right from the comfort of their own home. My craft is the definition of the metamorphosis of a human being. My fashion craft is created using recycled clothes and textiles waste (a caterpillar weaving itself into the cocoon). AN OUTFIT WITH A PURPOSE

Author: Diva Mobedi

Country: South Africa

Affiliation: CEO and founder of Fashion by leelah

Bio: Fashion by Leelah is registered as a solely owned fashion enterprise established by Diva Mobedi, who studied Fashion Design and Textiles at the Durban University of Technology. She started the company with the help of the university, upon winning a R10 000 cash prize for coming second in a contest by the Centre for Social Entrepreneurial at DUT. In the years that followed, she continued on an upward trajectory that included a leadership award from an organization called Khanye Khanye (2018), getting to showcase her outfits in Joburg at the South African Fashion Week (SAFW) in 2019, and in doubly in 2020, making it to the finals of the Entrepreneur Development in Higher Education (EDHE) competition, and the international Global Student Entrepreneur Awards competition. She has recently been featured in the annual Mail & Guardian’s on the 200 young South Africans to make a difference. Diva Mobedi has also been nominated for a tv documentary on her turning waste into a fashion recycling campaign.


October 13, 2021

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