To exist is to change

Title: To exist is to change.
Year created: 2021
Technique: Digital illustration using Adobe Illustration

Author’s details: 
Group: Siduduzo Shange, Sfundo Maphumulo and Lihle Zubane


Covid -19 has impacted the lives and well-being of many people all around the world. It has affected our four socio-economic factors which include occupation, education, income, wealth, and where someone lives.

People have lost jobs, or they are working from home. The education system has changed in the way that we have been introduced to online studying. With all these changes we are introduced to more and more technology. Almost everything now is done online, or it is self-service, and this is to minimums the spread of the coronavirus.

Social distance, wearing a mask, and sanitising have become a new” norm”. Designers now must design their designs keeping in mind these covid-19 elements when it comes to public design. The future of public transport will play a huge role so that people are at ease when it comes to being around a lot of people. The train station usually has a lot of people reason being that people find it cheaper than other public transport. To make it easier we have designed a train node that is inspired by the molded plastic organic round-edged blow chair by De Pas, D’Úrbino, Lomazzi, Scolari in 1967.

The design is an organic half-sphere-shaped shelter, and it is plastic moulded with pop yellow. The poster that shows the design node, is to also keep up with the 1960’s pop art theme. The black that has been used at the bottom is to make it seem as if it is floating when looking from the far. The node doesn’t have a lot of things in it, and this is to avoid people from touching things. The purpose of this design is to keep it simple and very minimal but keeping up to date with the latest technology. There is free Wi-Fi access so that people can book the tickets online but there are also self-service ticket machines that are next to the full-body sanitiser sprinkler. The ticket station also scans your temperature. This is also to help that all passengers are sanitised before they entire the train. We used solar panels because we are facing load shedding as a country. Solar panels can make their electricity through the process of converting the sun into electricity.

The collage represents the way things operate as we are facing this pandemic of Covid-19. Kids are becoming orphans. Our parents and loved ones are dying because of this disease. Everything is changing and people are no longer living their normal lives. The government has the upper hand on how people should act and behave, with all these changes of levels and regulations. A lot of jobs were lost and this might just result in high cases of thrift because people are hungry and jobless. Others have studied but they are sitting at home with diplomas or degrees.
People are now leaving in a world where they do not know what the future holds for them. Post covid-19 the future city, will be a dystopia city, a city where: schools, malls, and restaurants will be empty since things are now done online. This raises questions if will still have jobs in the long run or will everything be operated electronically leaving people jobless?
The spread of Covid-19 is a world trajectory that is difficult to predict. People are affected by the spread of Covid-19 but the best way we can manage to decrease the spread of the virus is to follow the protocols of Covid-19.

October 11, 2021


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