Time will tell

Time will tell

We live in a phenomenal time where ‘ the ancient age’ has returned. Biotechnology is Slowly changing the world with the increased use of natural products to benefit Humanity. Man-made automation is on a slow decline to desolation – green is the new black. Biotechnology is finding new ways of solutions by using that of utilizes biological systems, living organisms, or parts of this to develop or create different products (Parker, 2016).

With the theme being that; ‘The future is now’ I wanted to showcase the immediacy of the unforeseen future that is approaching rapidly as we place more importance on our benefits rather than focusing on protecting nature and the impact they give us has humans (Anon, a. b).

The inspiration for my fashion film stems from creating environmental awareness
through biotechnology and its use before it gets even more difficult to preserve these natural elements. As we are trying to save our planet by going back to the genuine fundamental foundations (with the help of technology) with the use of living. With the use of natural resources Fungi and spider stood out the most to me. Fungi create costumed material that leaves no waste behind letting it decomposed once done (Fernández, 2020). Also with the rise of spider silk which seems to be indeed for what’s to come in the unexpected future that is approaching (McCarty, 2019).

With my title being, ‘Time will tell’ I wanted to show that our planet earth is slowly fading away due to climate change and other natural/global disasters, as it destroys our natural life. With the concept of earth no longer being safe for us and moving into a completely new environment. This brings about extreme change having to learn to habit to this new environment unable to experience fashion as on earth, here is where biotechnology comes into play. Researcher shows that China South Korea and Singapore are the leading the countries to grow in biotechnology, one of their interest is biomanufacturing this includes agriculture. To bring cultural traditions back to the fashion industry before
it’s too late to I wanted to highlight the Seollal where the South Koreans take pride in their traditions holiday for this spontaneous event that ensures good fortune. Will, is bio-manufacturing/biotechnology be able to help bring back the traditional attire and bring back fashion once again?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Details of work

Title: Time will tell

Year Created: 2021

Artist:  Cindy Zungu


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October 6, 2021

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