The possible outcome

Title: The possible outcome
Year created: 2021
Technique: Digital illustration using Adobe Illustration

Author’s details: 
Group: Nomfundo Fortunate Desiree Mtshali, Wandile Ndlovu, and Nomfanelo Thalente Xulu 

Descriptions :
The future city postcovid is the common fear amongst us all. No one is certain of what the future holds. Are we going to be able to combat the spread of the virus until it comes to an end? Is it going to be an ongoing situation? Not a single soul knows but through it all we hope it gets better.  

Covid-19 has caused drastic change in all our lives. Unfortunately, South Africa is experiencing many difficulties in attempting to flatten the curve. So far there have been no means of providing the whole population with free vaccines. Seemingly it is not just the global South but other countries too that are having similar challenges since new variants of the virus develop that are resistant to the vaccine (COVID-19 vaccines: everything you need to know, 2021). The whole world is going round in circles trying to find a solution for this deadly virus. The world has turned into this dark place where people are constantly in fear. People fear losing their job and their lives too. Living during covid has become a tragic.  

With all mentioned above, for this project we are going for dystopia. According to (Gordin, 2010, p.2) dystopia is a society that is suffering, and the government has control over societyGiven the circumstances we presume that South Africa will not be a good place to be in a near future. Many jobs have been already lost, certain businesses are banned from operating and it is hard on people. Crime is rising, the rich people are remaining rich, and the poor are getting poorer. However other people are finding their way out of this tragic situation. Many people are starting small businesses which requires them to be out and about trying to make a living while it is against the covid regulations. The collage showcases how life might be in a dystopian city postcovid. Even though we are hoping for the best, things do not seem to be going well for South Africans.   

To accommodate this difficult time, we are going to design a multi-functional node that is inspired by the space age era 1960’. We will be incorporating curves and materials that were used during this era and adding a modern feel to it. The node will have a self-operating bus ticket machine inside to limit unnecessary travel. The node will have separate cubicles for individuals to avoid contact while waiting for the bus. The curves on the node is one of the elements of the space age era. The vinyl on the seating is one of the materials that were used during the space age. The collage shows the kids from poor families laying down hopelessly on the street. The kids from middle and upper class crossing the street which mean there is a high possible for them to make it out of the situation we are facing. Masks and pills in the air after many failed attempts of treating the virus. Basically, out collage is about what we think may be the possible outcome of the pandemic in peoples lives.  

This is the most possible scenario of how the situation may play out but there is time, hope and solutions. We are hoping for the best in our country.    


October 11, 2021


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