The Beginning, The Middle , The End

The Beginning, The Middle , The End

Title: The Beginning, The Middle , The End
Year created: 2021
Technique: Digital illustration using Adobe Illustration

Author’s details: 
Group: Keira Judd-Stevens & Camron Chetty
Department of Visual Communication Design: Interior Design Programme (3rdYear)

Project Description

Category 2: Post COVID-19 (Future Imaginings)

“The beauty of dystopia is that it lets us vicariously experience future worlds –but we still have the power to change our own.” –Ally Condie.

While this statement may be true, in some instances, we do not always have control of what the future may hold for us. Dystopia is the opposite of Utopia, which portrays people and cities that never encounter oppression, distress and poverty (Oxford Dictionary 2007: 145). Our project submission includes a digital collage of the future Dystopian city and the design of a transport node. The designs have been created to portray a post-apocalyptic era. This refers to a time after a catastrophic event that occurs within a community (Pagan. A: 2019). In keeping the concept current and relatable, the designs will primarily consider the event of our current plague:COVID-19.

Post-apocalyptic worlds experience a breakdown of the community, economic crisis, environmental catastrophe and the collapse of civilisation itself. This is caused by various disasters such as nuclear war, plague, energy shortages and natural disasters (Moon 2014:2). Our current situation in the world is due to a plague that has wiped out a large number of the world’s population. The following designs are depictions or what the future of our world may look like from the aftermath of COVID-19and what is still to come.

The city collage, named Abandoned Bridge, depicts a bridge in–what used to be–an upmarket area before the global pandemic hit the world. The bridge, which was used as a through fare for many workers, tourists and pedestrians now lies abandoned, untouched and broken. The city skyline in the background shows a chaotic and disorganised mess that unfolds within the city. While the background is busy and disorderly, the foreground is, in contrast, baron and deserted. The focal point is the bridge that links the two.

“In every dark cloud there is a silver lining.” –John Milton Penned.

This suggests that although after the apocalypse there maybe dystopia, dystopia can only last for so long and soon utopia may ensue. Thus, we have designed a bus stop to show how the future after dystopia might look. The concept is heavily influenced by space age design. This includes a mix of futuristic and organic design. The fluid shape of the wave is dominant in the exterior form. The interior boasts sleek aesthetic forms of furniture. The structure is constructed from stainless steel and is finished with a gloss stark white colour scheme. The interior includes bursts of colour as well as plastic and wood finishes.

“Why do we fall Bruce? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up” –Batman Begins (2005)

The aim of this design project is to warn civilisation of what may come in the future but also to always have hope. Even though there may be a dystopia after the apocalypse, Utopia will eventually rise. First there is destruction, then there is rebirth and revival and lastly, there is prosperity.


October 11, 2021

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