Snow White & the 7 Masks

Snow White & the 7 Masks

Description: Theatre production (a short play) 

Since March of 2020, the covid-19 pandemic has kept South Africans masked and the lockdown restrictions have altered our lifestyles. For many it’s been most unpleasant. Snow White & the 7 Masks was created to highlight the various dimensions of masks in the present-day. It also puts a light-hearted, local twist on the original fairytale “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”. 

Simultaneously each of the 7 masks are characterized by different lockdown styles. Maskiri, for example, is the intellectual fact-finder in the group and he represents those who watched the news and engaged in research during the lockdown. Maskara and Maskarade, on the other hand, are identifiable to those whose beauty routines were affected by the lockdown. Maskerchef’s lockdown style is all about food while Maskot represents the eternal optimist during the lockdown. Maskuline represents the boys doing boy stuff. The seventh mask is Anonymous

Creative work: Product design (video animation)

Details of work

Title:Snow White & the 7 Masks

Author:  Lee-Anne Naicker

Country: South Africa 

Affiliation:DUT, Department of Drama and Production Studies (Faculty of Arts and Design) 

Bio: After graduating from the Tshwane University of Technology with a master’s degree in Drama,  

Lee-Anne Naicker began working as a lecturer at DUT’s department of Drama studies. She fervently teaches the discipline of theatre and enjoys creating fun-filled yet relevant and relatable theatre productions. 


October 13, 2021

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