Per Aspera ad Astra

Per Aspera ad Astra

Title: Per Aspera ad Astra (through hardships to the stars)  



This virtual project was carried out in May 2020 during the first phase of the Covid-19 Pandemic and I think it represents very well the concept of synergy and interdisciplinarity using different media to produce new and complex emotions: from video to photography, to lettering, to sound. All these different media are encapsulated and made interactive through the possibility of the visitor to scroll through the different pages in which the project is divided and to decide what, when and which part of the images he/she like to make experience. 

“The artist’s hand draws his sign on the paper, in search of both a sentiment and an image holding their breath in the act of their own composition. The phases of researching, creating and returning are told by Serasini all along the four exhibition rooms, and so position themselves at their midst. The persistent circularity emerging from these works points out the vulnerable condition of the human existence, trapped in its own habits, straight perspectives and fixed ways of living. Transforming rather than coming back should be the main aim: the time of waiting – one of the issues tackled in Serasini’s works – allows the man to look into forgotten worlds and come closer to them again. And so, the naked man, who is red likewise his own thoughts in front of the mirror, liaises his feelings with the Romanticism sentiment, and so it addresses Nature looking for answers or finding himself again as part of it. “The land is guiding your steps” writes Serasini in Locus II, as he feels the urge to stress again the tight relationship between the man and his land. The color red is distinctive in these exposition rooms (especially Locus II and Locus III) and accompanies the viewer through this visual/sound experience: the overall effect is a cold and lively space. Like pieces of a puzzle, images fill the screen and create new pastiches, featuring Serasini’s distinctive freedom of creating and playing with his works. How did we arrive to such disintegration? How could we re-construct ourselves once we became aware of the impossibility of coming back to before? These questions lead the viewer to the last room, Locus IV, where figurative representation leaves the space to abstraction. “Binary stars”, a new form in the artist’s vocabulary, represent the origin and the constant transformation of the matter: the romantic story of two stars that cannot live without each other, always together and infinitely repeated.” Text by Eleonora Raspi  

Click on the link to watch the video, then scroll down and click NEXT. It will take you to his artworks, so scroll down the page to show the artworks. 

Author: Luca Serasini 

Affiliation: none 

 Country: ITALY 


I was born in Pisa, Italy, in 1971. 

Since 1990 I work in the Institute of Clinical Physiology (IFC) of the italian National Research Council (CNR) where I dealt of electronic devices (1990-1995) then I moved at the Multimedia Lab to support researchers in their educational and research activities and where I learned to use videocameras, cabling, audio video transmissions, video editing. 

I started as self-taught painter in 1996 but since 2003 I started to use also the photography medium, video and videoinstallations for my artworks. Most recently I started to make land art installations (2013) also adding interactive devices due to my study in electronic (2016). 

One of the two projects I have, the Progetto Costellazioni, begins by the question if we still need the stars, started with Costellazione Toro land art installation (about 100 meter of lenght) for the IV Montegemoli Biennale M’arte (2013) followed by Orione, il grande cacciatore (2015) for MateriaPrima artist in residence here in Tuscany, Alcor and Mizar for Art in the Woods at 2016 Holmfirth Art festival in UK (2016-second prize)  where I first used an interactive device applied for a land art installation (since 2010 I use interactive systems for some light boxes and paintings). In the summer of 2016 I was invited for the M’Arte Personale 2016 to realize two installations and a solo exhib about this project, Costellazioni Larderello (a photographic installation with LEDs) and Pegaso, 10 stories for 10 stars, a land art Pegaso constellation with 10 interactive old telephones. In these last 2 years (2017-2018) I made other 2 land art for the project and 2 site-specific installation: Come Iadi tra le Pleiadi (interactive) and Große Wagen, in Weimar (DE), the Kháos of Cosmos, as winner of Window Project Winter 2017 at Gazelli Art House in London and Costellazioni Larderelo/light art, a wide projection on 4 big geothermal cooling towers in Larderello (PI). In May 2019 I made my first evanescent land artwork in the beach at Ifitry artist residence in Moroc. Between 2021 and spring 2022 is scheduled a land art installation in collaboration with VIRGO gravitational waves interferometer. 

Another argument I feel very much is the human condition of our society that I try to realize with the Anxiety of the Modern Man pop art project, that wants to reflect on our actual modern condition and way of thinking, our concept of democracy, the role of mass media and politics using installations, paintings, crayons, magazines and mirrors. I talk about this condition using a well-dressed man with a red bull’s mask, using painting, photo-collages, deforming mirrors, adhesives  

Recents exhibitions and installations: 


2021     Frange d’intergferenza – fase #01 e fase #02 – land art project preparation about gravitational  

    waves detection. In collaboraion with VIRGO, Materia Prima, Cooltsalon, Over the Real et Al. 


2020      Per aspera d astra – photo and audio web project 

     In Lucem, le parole / i suoni / i corpi / l’idea – multichannels videoinstallation 

     Teatro S. Pietro – Volterra 

     EGO/VIRGO Prologo – selected video for Nature Art Video Exhibition 

      9° Geumgang Naure Art Biennale – KoreaLo  

      Spazio ti cambia – multimedia exhibition – Festival della Scienza – Genova 


2019      Le storie di S. Nicola – light art installation – Peccioli (PI)  

     Lès ètoiles binaires – land art – Artist’s residence, Ifitry – Morocco 


2018      Costellazioni Larderello/light art projection on geothermal cooling towers – Larderello (PI) 

     Khàos/Order/Dispose – duo exhibition – Palazzo dei Priori, Volterra 

     Window Project: 2012-2018 – Gazelli Art House, London – Group show 


2017      Alfa-Tauri – exhib and site-specific installation – Lajatico (PI) 

     BAU 14 GPS – Artist box container and group exhib – GAMC, Viareggio (LU) 

     Come Iadi tra le Pleiadi interactive land art – XIV edition Accenni di Contemporaneo Civit. d’Agliano 

     Große Wagen land art – JUL center – Weimar (DE) 

     the Kháos of Cosmos – light installation – Gazelli Art House, London 


2016      Ma se il vicolo fosse cieco? – solo exhib. Accademia Libera natura e cultura. Querceto (PI) 

     Dietrofront – group exhib- Volterra (PI) 

     Alcor & MIzar – Interactive land art installation. Art in the Woods-Holmfirth (UK) – 2nd prize  

    Pegaso, 10 storie per 10 stelle, interactive land art installation – M’Arte Personale Montegemoli 

    Costellazioni Larderello –  site specific installation. Museo della Geotermia, Larderello (IT) 


2015      Orione, il grande cacciatore – land art installation – Materia Prima artist residence –  Ceppaiano 

     Les Taureaux partent… – (Paintings), Piola libri, Bruxelles 

     Mi-No-Tauro – (Paintings)IED headquarter, Florence 


2014        Ma io, sono marinese? – (group exhib. photos, videoinstallations) Marina di Pisa (PI) 


2013 Tori n’ Tour  dipinti, polaroid, installazioni – little exhibitions in different places 

(cinema Arsenale-Pisa, Mediterraneo club-Livorno, Palagio Museum- Pescia, Cultural association Ohibò-Milano, caffè dei Fornelli-Volterra); 

Costellazione Toro – land art installation for the 4° Biennale Contemporary Art in Montegemoli; 


2012 La dinamica dietro l’idea – pittura, grafica e installazioni – Sopra le Logge Exhibition Space- (PI); 

Marina di Pisa – photo, photocollage and light box (with Nico Malvaldi) – Cultural Association Cantiere Nuovo – Marina di Pisa; 


2011 Tori Terrestri – installation for the 3° Biannual Contemporary Art in Montegemoli; 

Contaminazioni – Nicoletta Testi e Luca Serasini, Futuramente Center, Pontedera (PI); 


2010 Around me, il gesto,l’occhio, la parola – photo, photocollage and light box, group exhibition – Montegemoli (PI); 

Seven rooms in Pietrasanta – group exhibitionIrenakos art gallery, Pietrasanta; 


2009 In dettaglio – photo, photocollage and light box, solo exhibition, Galleria La Meridiana, Pietrasanta;  

Prevalentemente rosso – painting solo exhibition, Cultural Association Marco Polo – Querceto (PI); 

Waiting for your own kites… – installation for the 2° Biennale Contemporary Art in Montegemoli 




Luca Serasini 

Via Perugia 96 – 57023 Cecina (LI) – ITALY 

+ 39 347 7574083 


October 13, 2021

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