Mother Nature?

The Future is now, a daunting title that sends shivers down my spine as I wonder about the future of our planet, I question the continuing existence of trees and the genuineness of the oxygen we breathe. As advanced diploma students, we were tasked to create a fashion film that will propel environmental and social awareness. The fashion film has to base on the titles, ‘Biofacturing’ or ‘Wasted: the art of waste’

My fashion film bases on the title, ‘wasted: the art of waste’ because I firmly believe in the concepts of upcycling, recycling and reusing or repurposing. As the earth’s resources continue to deteriorate, I find myself contemplating about what is to come.

With my fashion film, I want to conjure sombre feelings that could unlock the conscience emotion that we as humans are supposed to have for the environment, I question the ultimate existence of nature and our existence as humans, so often people wonder what the future holds, I wonder what it will look like as natural resources continue to diminish in such a rapid way.

Details of work

Title:  Mother Nature?

Year Created:  2021

Artist:  Sphumelelo Shoba


October 6, 2021


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