Kuhle kwembali echuma emhlabeni wezibi

Kuhle kwembali echuma emhlabeni wezibi

Given the topic of the future is now, I developed the concept of “growth”, which is defined as an irreversible steady increase in the size of an organ or individual increase of mass, under the sub-title wasted: the art of waste. Both humans and plants require attention in order to thrive. Yes, waste has both negative and positive aspects. The majority of the time, garbage plants grow from waste and are killed as a result of climate change.

Human beings develop in different ways depending on their environment, but I’d like to talk about the development of a Zulu girl in her puberty stage (Itshitshi), a pure girl who grows up in a good home with parents until she enters the real world. The girl is dressed in isigege, which is made of beads or cloth, with nothing on top but white beaded accessories.

I made isigege out of a discarded potato sack. The connection between a plant and this girl is that they both grow up in varied settings, such as climate change, world cruelty, abuse, and so on, but they both find happiness and produce positive results at the end of the day, and they continue to grow. The plot is that before things became waste, they were useful at one time and can be used again once removed.

Details of work

Title:Kuhle kwembali echuma emhlabeni wezibi

Year Created: 2021

Artist:  Londy Msibi


October 6, 2021

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