A concept by Gideon 

Craftwork is a practical form of art.  It is a social and cultural product reflecting the nature of imagination and highlighting a vast array of diverse communal, social and historical aesthetics.  It is a dying art as artisans cannot compete with mechanically produced items, which are much cheaper than that made by hand – relegating these arts to be lost within the dirty, oiled machine of mass production.  

15% of the world’s population lives with a form of disability and these people lead a completely different lifestyle compared to the expected and predominantly catered for “norm”.  To understand these numbers, think of a country like China, which has a population of +/- 1.380 billion and of this +/- 83 million people are affected by a disability.  South Africa’s entire population is +/- 58 million – less than the mere 15% of China’s afflicted.  These affected people live their lives in a completely different rhythm, often relegated to the fringes of society and with difficult restrictions we cannot even begin to consider.  

With these two views, our students developed collections that illustrated a fusion between craftsmanship and social awareness, using fabrication, handwork and design details to tell a story.  

The Department of Fashion & Textiles is proud to present the Class of 2020!  


October 11, 2021

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