Innovation in escalators.

Innovation in escalators.

Innovation in escalators.

COVID-19 is a virous that causes infection in the nose, sinuses, or upper threat. This COVID-19 pandemic has been a shock in South African citizens as it is transmitted easily and leads to deaths. COVID-19 is transmitted in many ways as other South African citizens fail to obey COVID-19 rules, we find escalators the major cause of the spread of covid-19 as theyare not often sanitised. We had come up with a solutionthat might exist in the future regarding escalators being a cause of the spread of COVID-19, by designing a model that literally illustrate the solution itself.

Escalators are one of the of causes COVID-19 to spread. The video shows a crowd of people using escalators holding on its handrails as those escalators are not often sanitised. Escalators are used by many people especially in Malls and that why we find it the major cause of the spread of COVID-19. As people are holding on escalators handrails without being sanitised, COVID-19 can spread wider as people are holding on the same germs.

Other people are ignorance of COVID-19 rule, infected person may hold the escalators handrails, which lead to people using escalators being at risk of being infected by COID-19,as every minute in Malls during the day there would 0be people using escalators. As it going to be December in the next 3 months, Malls and towns would be crowed if we will not be on level 5 of lockdown, which will increase the spread of COVID-19.

However, we believe that there is a solution in every problem. The model that we designed illustrate where a 20-litter sanitizer is on top of the escalator, with a pipe where the sanitizer from the 20-litter geos through to the bottom of escalators where there is a brush that automatically sanitizes the escalator handrail. From the 20-litter sanitizer to the brut that sanitizes handrail, the sanitizer goes down through the pipe due to gravity. The 20-litter sanitizer being used is replaceable.

With this innovation in all escalators especially in crowded place like Malls, spread of COVID-19 can prevented and whoever uses escalators will not be affected because of handrails. People will hold a clean sanitized handrail, free from germs. Since COVID-19 cannot be cured, we believe that this future innovation will be fighting the spread of it, is part of the solution during this pandemic.

In conclusion, as we had blamed escalators handrails as the cause of COVID-19 to spread, we believe that this future innovation solution illustrated by the model can be useful in South Africa if it can be taken into consideration. This future imagination can be a benefit to South African citizens. Together as South African citizen in collaboration we can defeat the spread of COVID-19.

Creative work: Product design (video animation)

Details of work

Title:Innovation in escalators.

Authors:  Ayanda Ngidi and Mlekeleli Zondo

Country: South Africa

Affiliation:Young Innovators & Durban University of Technology

Bio: We are the dream driven team, our focus is about doing, participating and working on the things that will make the future exciting, by solving certain problems through innovations. 


October 8, 2021

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