Eye Tracking: From Affect to Concept

Eye Tracking: From Affect to Concept

Eye Tracking: From Affect to Concept

Eye movements are subconscious and intuitive determinations which are often characterised as aleatory but which, upon examination through eye tracking, appear to demonstrate a narrative logic that sidelines the rational and engages the affective through a perceptual semiotics. When we look, where do we look to and what do we look for? How does conceptual knowledge arise from non-rational, experiential determinations? Our speculative approach to interpreting eye tracking attempts to posit an empirical foundation to concepts from Spinoza, Peirce, James, Bergson, and Deleuze and Guattari. We present a series of slides as teasers for our paper presentation on Tuesday, 19 October, 15:00 Durban Time.

Details of work
Title: Eye Tracking: From Affect to Concept
Year Created: 9th April 2020
Technique: Designed in AutoCAD 2016 and 3d rendered in Sketchup 2020. Final touched and annotations in Adobe Photoshop and illustrator.
Author:  Felix Rebolledo Palazuelos, PhD
Eugenia Maria Mariano da Rocha Barichello, PhD
Country: Brazil
Affiliation: Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM)/RS

Felix Rebolledo Palazuelos is a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Graduate Program in Communication Studies at UFSM/Brazil and is currently conducting research on eye tracking towards understanding the production of micro-narratives in perception and the emergence of value. His research interests span theory of the image and processual thought through Deleuze, Whitehead and Simondon.

Eugenia Maria Mariano da Rocha Barichello is a Full Professor at UFSM/Brazil and CNPQ Level 2 Researcher. She is a full-time professor in the Graduate Program in Communication Studies and also teaches undergraduate courses in Public Relations, Advertising and Advertising, Editorial Production and Journalism. Her scientific production centers on Communication Media, Institutional and Organizational Communication, University and Communication, Mediatization of Social Practices, Media Ecology, Communication Strategies, Journalism, and Public Relations.


September 22, 2021

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