ELLIPSES: The Cosmology Mythology Musical

ELLIPSES: The Cosmology Mythology Musical

ELLIPSES stars Singularity and their teenage Galaxies and follows their quest to undo the Big Bang, after their dog Gravity sets it off. The supermassive heart of this coming-of-age story is self-discovery in isolation.

In astrophysics, David Quang Pham seeks connections between the humanities and the galaxies. He noticed that galaxies were aimless while viewing them at the Michigan State University Observatory. During the pandemic, he virtually made connections with theatres around the world. When Atlanta’s Working Title Playwrights made him their second apprentice, he was granted a nurturing space with professional resources for the first time in a decade-long career as a musical writer. In WTP’s first-class instructed by
Addae Moon, he decided to craft a new musical after having worked on an opera for many years. He looked through an isolated lens but with family. Ever since, he strives to develop this original mythology about the origin of our Universe, devised through the musical theatre medium, that connects family to relativity and temporality to eternity.

This musical is developed in yearlong workshops at WTP between 15 professionals in Atlanta, Georgia, and the author in Wyoming, Michigan. Together, they recorded 9 demos. Stage manager Alexis ‘Lexi’ McKay maintained order. Dramaturg Jordan Alexandria Ealey consulted on the story. Director Aliyah Curry used her cinematography expertise to render this stage musical virtual. The concert reading visualizes production numbers through animation and impressionistic digital paintings. The visuals were made through the Adobe and Corel software. For an inside look at the creative process, visit: https://www.ellipsesplay.com

Details of work
Title: ELLIPSES: The Cosmology Mythology Musical
Year Created: 2021

Author:  David Quang Pham
Country: United States of America
Affiliation: Working Title Playwrights

About me:
David Quang Pham is the musical theatre science communicator. Due to youthful trips to operas and space camp, he now writes love letters to science and devises stories from its branches. After completing an astrophysics and theatre education at Michigan State University, he studied under an apprenticeship at Working Title Playwrights in Atlanta. Janelle Lawrence mentors him, helping his music span a broad range of musical styles including gospel, pop, tango, and Xiqu. His subatomic opera, TOUR, is a 2020 Downtown Urban Arts Festival finalist. He is also a trained trombonist. Pham is a dramaturg and moderator at LMDA; a founding member of Create Theater; and a member of ΣΠΣ, ASCAP, the Dramatists Guild, and OPERA America.

Artist: Daniela Cobb
Country: United States of America
Affiliation: National Broadway Tour of The Lion King, Working Title Playwrights

About me:
Daniela Cobb has performed in the Atlanta Theatre district with many companies: True Colors, The Alliance, Horizon Theatre, and more. She is now a traveling performer with the National Broadway Tour of The Lion King. “Always grateful for an opportunity to create and heal through the arts.”


September 22, 2021

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