The definition of eidos is something that is seen or intuited: an idea, an essence. Eidos is an experiential breathing pacer that will help you restore your nervous system through conscious breathing. Allow the art and music to guide your breath…inhale for five seconds and exhale for five seconds. For the best experience please use your headphones.

Creative work: Product design (video animation)

Details of work


Author:  Visuals – Allie Joy // Music – Mark Soden

Country: UK 

Affiliation:Syntropy States 

Bio: Syntropy States is a digital-arts start up with a vision to put art and music at the heart of health. We pair beautiful abstract art with 8D ambient soundtracks to create immersive and mesmerising breathwork, relaxation and meditation videos. Our work has won awards and gained interest from the world of healthcare as a simple and powerful way for people to disengage from their stress and place themselves into a state of coherence where the body and mind can rebalance and renew. 

And while we create art in our own right, we are also dedicated to empowering emerging digital artists to play their part in helping society find calm in these challenging, chaotic times. Our forthcoming app, Syntropy, will provide a platform for emerging digital artists to share the healing and transformational power of their art. 


October 13, 2021

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