Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

The reason for coming up with this brand name it’s because it represents how I express myself through fashion. I SEE MYSELF AS A DESIGNER WITH A SHARP EYE AND HAVING A VISION OF FASHION FOR THE FUTURE. Eagle Eye Clothing is the online store that is more based in sportswear (specifically, tracksuits) and street wear also. I offer functional sportswear to my customers at an affordable price. I usually come up with a new design after 2 or 3 months just to bring something new with more flavour to my customers.
Some of my tracksuit designs are being inspired by style lines and geometric shapes – come from geometry, which is the complement of shapes assembled with points and lines incorporating the triangle, square and circle. And some of them are inspired by military uniforms, where I take some parts of military wear like bellow pockets and incorporate them into sports.
My business is targeting both male and female from the age of 18 to 35 years, we are targeting those who love fashion trend and appreciate exceptional value. To promote my work I use social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. I also have celebrities who wear my brand and promote it to their people since they have more number of followers. In future I will promote my business by making fashion shows where I will target a large number of people.

Details of work
Title: Eagle Eye
Year Created: 2021
Author:  Sandiso Sithole
Country: South Africa
Affiliation: Department of Fashion and Textiles, Durban University of Technology

About me:
I’m Sandiso Sithole, I was born and raised/grew up in Esikhawini but for now I am residing in Durban for the purpose of study. I am a DUT fashion student (finalist) and at a same time I own a clothing brand called Eagle Eye Clothing.
Besides my brand I also make matric jackets started this year and I am willing to grow my business, I want to make school uniforms from top to bottom so my long term goal is to have physical stores that will sell Eagle Eye Clothing and the other stores will specialise with school uniforms since there are some places that have few stores that sell uniforms like Richards Bay and eMpangeni so those places will be my target.


September 22, 2021