Death Denied

Death Denied

Death Denied

This body of work explores the concept of death and its relationship to modern mythology (Superhero Mythology). The Covid pandemic was a catalyst for the body of work. The concept is a result of my own fear of death, brought about by my fathers’ alcoholism and understanding that it would lead to his death. Superheroes served as a form of escapism, enabling me to deal with my own anxiety. I was able to suppress this anxiety for many years but the onset of the current global pandemic caused these memories and fear to rise to the surface once again. The purpose of this work was to reflect and meditate on the notion of death anxiety and its impact on society (Due to the Covid Pandemic). The works created aim to invoke questions of life, meaning and what we consider important within the society and culture we live today.

Details of work
Title: Death Denied
Year Created: 2020
Country:  South Africa
Author:  Lushen Moodley
Affiliation: 4th Year UNISA Student

About me
Born in 1983, in Pretoria, where I am currently based. I am in the process of completing my fourth year of a BA Visual Arts degree at UNISA while working as a freelance visual artist. My practice involves primarily drawing, painting and video, my approach is characterised by a deep personal exploration connected to childhood, identity, memory, mythology and popular culture. My work draws on universal emotions around loss, anxiety and struggle.


September 22, 2021

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