Cyber City

Cyber City

Title: Cyber City
Year created: 2021
Technique: Digital illustration using Adobe Illustration

Author’s details: 
Name: Thabiso Troy Dlamini


In our design for DigiFest we wanted to go for a post-covid related life inspired by a cyberpunk theme. Well depicted during the night as it illuminates a city life that may be seen in the near future. The city’s dark theme creates a scene that would seem more attainable and realistic in a way that would show that the future will mostly have skyscrapers and tall structures that would block most of the sun,

Part A is a nighttime futuristically driven collage about a place in which everything is perfect: a utopia. This part of the project includes a night scenery of what a typical futuristic city would look like and incorporates how public transport stations could look. In order to make this collage the cybercity we imagine it to be which is neon based we had to have it lit up due to the lights from different LED signage’s, as well as the font used, that light up the place. The future is something we all look forward to, with the world changing in a natural manner has us forced to its state.

Part B of this design is the process leading to the creation of the desired structure of the bus node, which is inspired by the movie Prometheus of which shows how the Med pod gives off a futuristic feel and design. The pod uses a lot of glass with a couple metal components. There’s an interesting feature that is eye catching on this pod which is very futuristic, the glass surfaces work as a computer of some sort which allows the users of the pod to be able to understand its functional features. The Med pod has a very important feature that would quite be useful for the current state we are in regarding the Covid 19 virus.

In the movie the Med pod had a fumigation system that rid the air of any harmful illnesses and all sort of impurities. This inspired the idea that the bus station Node would serve this function as well. Inside the pod you’ll be to set temperature for which will be suitable for different climate changes. This will be very interesting to see due to how technology has taken over our daily lives and somehow made everything efficient. The Bus node ends off with a touch of a cyberpunk city feel with the dark purple sky and lights illuminating depicting a future we imagine to be in the next couple of years from now.

In conclusion – we don’t know what the future has in store for us but we have the power to shape it
into whatever we desire it to be.


October 11, 2021

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