CounterMonuments | ContraMonumentos

AI is an artistic proposal that questions traditional monuments based on the recognition of emotions reported in a world permeated by COVID, with the use of artificial intelligence, and the proposition of other possible worlds that connect, in virtual reality.Emotions are analyzed and classified by an AI that provides data for the Touch Designer software to change images and audios related to each emotion.

This proposal is carried out by LabInter at the Federal University of Santa Maria/UFSM/Brazil,itdLab at Durban University of Technology/South Africa, LAD at UFSM/Brazil, NANO at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/UFRJ/Brazil, IHAC at the Federal University of Bahia/UFBA/Braziland CSGames at PUC/SP/Brazil.Inter-laboratory exchanges take place via the Internet and virtual networks, such as email exchanges, file sharing on cloud drives, messages via WhatsApp application, videoconference. On this platform, CM composes worlds in virtual reality, aiming to explore immersive and interactive possibilities.The proposal provides for three access links:

1) YouTube – with presentation of the recordings of “live performances” made previously with artificial intelligence and Touch Designer software;

2) SANSAR – with visitation of the virtual worlds on the SANSAR platform, with a script to move between the worlds (it is necessary to download the SANSAR), where the video of link 1 will be transmitted, with the interaction of the avatars;

3) TwitchTV – with streaming of the live performance that will be taking place during the Digifest 2021 event, on the SANSAR platform to YouTube.

Andreia Machado Oliveira
Camila dos Santos
Camila Leite
Cristiano Figueiró
Davi Carvalho
Fabiane Urquhart Duarte
Guto Nobrega
Hermes Renato Hildebrand
Isadora Alves
João Vitor Coelho

Maria Luiza Fragoso
Matheus Moreno
Niresh Singh
Renata Prado
Rene Alicia Smith
Ricardo Bayer
Sara Matos
Tasneem Seedat
Túlio Chiodi
Wagner de Souza Antonio


October 6, 2021


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