Year created: 2021

I am inspired by the word Versatility.
Individuals who suffer from a mental illness find a way to overcome their state of mind and the daily challenges that they encounter. As the world plunges into lockdown in the face of the covid-19 pandemic anxiety also increased these are tough times.

The images portrayed are used cardboard cut-outs from using products that are generally considered as waste the 2nd image is the designer himself expressing his inner self, Cardboard is reusable. I intend to re-use such materials in my range in this sense, these materials are considered to be Versatile.

This menswear range incorporates key pieces for summer and winter wear. I aim to not only display craftsmanship but also how fashion impacts society and
the global eco-system Every garment is designed to invoke unusual feelings
relating to the differing perspectives of socio-political and environmental issues the main fabric I used was a sleeping blanket which is very important to the Black South African culture it is considered traditional and versatile as it is used for lobola and for funerals the inside insulation fabric was most interesting as I discovered a source of upcycled fabric, blankets usually become waste after they have been used a lot. My range includes a variety of both form-fitting and exaggerated silhouettes. I intend to re-use various cardboard packaging to create different pattern details and colour palettes in a sustainable manner.

Author’s details:
Name: Sebolai Khanyi
Country: South Africa
Affiliation: Durban University of Technology (Gideon, Geonpoalo, Lee Scott Lectures)

About me:
I am a Durban university of technology alumni student I am 22 of age I recently show chased my graduation range in 2020 and I was featured on the DUT softcopy magazine.

I come from a small town called Newcastle where dreams seem hopeless I started studying at the DUT university in 2018 and finished my national diploma in 2020 and I am currently getting experience in the fashion industry in order to shape and build my vision for the future


September 21, 2021

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