3(D)ef-f-ectffect: Design’ing an AV Glitch Performance as the Post-pandemic Future


Dealing with this dystopian present-future of design and post-pandemic technology, we propose appropriating these technologies and use them as an art-power-aesthetics, producing a 360° video performance for VR glasses. It’s a manifesto for the suppression of boundaries between cinema, design, emerging media and the arts in their creation processes: our video-performance will operate through an audiovisual remix in the current scenario of confluence of life to the digital, where semantics, vocal frequencies and facial recognition become calculated ad infinitum. 

Creative work: Product design (video animation)

Details of work

Title: 3(D)ef-f-ectffectDesign’ing an AV Glitch Performance as the Post-pandemic Future 


 Intervals & Rhythms Arts Collective – #ir! 

  • Prof Milena Szafir
  • Caio Victor Brito
  • Nilo Lima Mestrando
  • Wilka Paiva 

Affiliation: Federal University of Ceará (UFC)


 Artistic collective and research group in Aesthetics and Modus Operandi of Montage via Database & Design #ir! [Intervals & Rhythms] was born in 2015 from the project “Artesãos Audiovisuais em Form’Ação” [Audiovisual Artisans in Form’Action] (2013)  from a need and desire of the Cinema and Audiovisual course at the Federal University of Ceará to deepen in the field of editing and montage. At first theoretical, it soon also became an artistic collective of practical experimentations between techniques and aesthetics of the gestures of audiovisual editing. For more information, visit www.projetares.art.br. 


October 13, 2021

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