Artist: Previta Karthigesu

Artist: Previta Karthigesu

Title of Work: ‘Rumination’
Year Created: 2020
Artwork Size: 12 x 12 CM
Artwork Size (with mount): 23 x 23 CM
Technique/Material: Archival Ink, Oil Paper, Paper Cuts, Ink Pen, Acrylic Paper

Description of Work: The work ‘Rumination’ is an extension of my early work that reflects upon the nature of the early mark-making process that was native to human-being. My explorations are heavily focused on the recording of people in spaces – absorbing and existing in their surroundings. With the intuition taking charge of the bold strokes, each fine line represents the spiritual experience of the human body.

Artist Name: Previta Karthigesu
Affiliation: ASEDAS Malaysia


October 26, 2020