Digifest 4

Digifest 2017 call for proposals

The 4th annual Digifest is set to take place in November 2017 on DUT Campuses. With the aim of presenting a range of inspirational, engaging and educational activities across a number of creative mediums, the festival targets students and staff, as well as other institutions, industry and the general public.

The Digifest’s (Art & Design Digital Festival) broad objectives are to:

Facilitate the integration of arts and digital technologies

Promote partnerships & interdisciplinary collaboration

Encourage entrepreneurship

Advance social innovation


Call For Proposals

The Digifest will be calling for proposals for special projects to be presented at this edition of the festival.

The Festival provides a platform for creative projects across disciplines and fields. It promotes collaboration across art, science and technology. Amongst others, it includes visual and performing arts, applied sciences, health sciences, engineering and information technology. Digifest promotes electronic art, digital design and multimedia projects.

Submissions will be accepted principally from DUT students and staff, but project proposals are invited from others working in this space.

We are calling for proposals in the following areas: Exhibitions, presentations, workshops, performances, trade exchanges, activations, installations, interventions, demonstrations, innovations, and skills transfers.



Closing date: 17 August 2017

Late submissions: 31 August 2017


Digifest Theme: GLITCH

Contributions that speak to the thematic area ‘glitch’ are welcome. We are looking for work that engages, contests, celebrates and questions the idea of malfunctions, technical mishaps and imperfections in systems. Creative projects need to speak to both the purity of code and numbers but also about disruption and subversion of formats, spaces, places and technologies. It is about questioning and going beyond traditional notions of art in an interdisciplinary, multimedia world, where design and creativity merged and interact with science and technology broadly.

We welcome contributions that fall outside the thematic area. 

To apply, please complete the online application form (Link below)

Proposals from DUT students and staff will be prioritised.

Site-specific proposals for DUT City Campus and Steve Biko Campus will be considered.

Only one project application per person will be accepted.



  Contact digifest@dut.ac.za +27(0)31 373 6455

The Digifest is a project of the Durban University of Technology