The Bus Stop

Title: The Bus Stop
Year created: 2021
Technique: Digital illustration using Adobe Illustration

Author’s details: 
Group: Bukhosi Chonco, Refilwe Mohlomi & Makhosi Ngidi


Imagine the future, in 2021 do we still imagine the future or do we dread the future? Our planet is deteriorating each day, from global warming, extinction caused by human abuse and contagious diseases much like Covid 19; it is almost impossible to imagine a future in which humans are in a healthy and happy environment. Imagining the future sounds far fetched yes; but we can create utopias that will put humankind at ease.

The collage design was inspired by how covid-19 has affected South Africa mainly as a country and how it could impact the nation as a whole in future. The pandemic has affected the country economically which has caused a downfall in businesses nationwide ensuing to job loses, slow production and manufacturing of goods. The country had to loan billions to aid and lessen the spread of the virus, unfortunately that did not help, the country still has high stats of the spread, infected people and deaths in the country. The billions that were loaned to aid-the country were then allegedly looted by our so called “leaders”. With our corrupt governing system, there will not be any progress to beating the virus.

This is how the concept of collage design came about, a combination of both Utopia and Dystopia design in South Africa. The concept is to introduce an eye opener to our fellow South Africans of what could happen in future. The Utopian design displays the tourist attraction cities, how they will look in future. Being modified and having everything, a fantasy world to many while the Dystopian design conveys people in small towns and rural areas suffering from the impact of the pandemic and the corrupt government.

The bus stop design is inspired by futuristic designs. In our design we thought outside the box and not just merely produce for functionality but think of ways in which we can make our designs green and self-sustaining, this will soon be a norm and people will adopt it into their homes and save our planet eventually. It is displayed in our Utopian city, which is a futuristic and that allows cutting edge technology and designs but also keeps being green as a priority, because if anything is well thought out it can work. Our transport node is one of an edgy and futuristic design, that was inspired by our current Covid 19 situation, it shelters 10 individuals in isolated seating, it is also self-sufficient as it is solar powered for lighting and the charging outlets. It has an air purification system to keep the air healthy for people using the bus stop.

The goal for mankind is to simplify life in terms of making it require less labor from humans and be more of a leisure so we can enjoy our lives to the fullest, but achieving this goal has contributed in a negative way to society and environment. Future cities should be built with the goal of allowing humans to be free to create inventions that do simplify our lives but also don’t harm the earth and are future proof.

Humans do not have to stop creating in order to save our planet but we can achieve anything with the right planning and collaborations with each other, we can be both safe from what the future holds and be environmentally conscious by considering all factors in our everyday lives.


October 12, 2021