Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone

Title: Romancing the Stone 
Author: Department of Drama & Production Studies 

This digital project uses the platform of TikTok as a theatre “intervention in global crisis”. The crisis being HIV/TB awareness. Metaphorically, this social crisis is the stone onto which the story is etched. The topic of HIV/TB has seemingly been overshadowed by covid-19. Nevertheless, the weight of this topic (such as the heaviness of a rock) is still relevant; though its shape and texture has changed over time.  

TikTok could also be deemed the stone; the social media outlet that is used primarily for entertainment purposes now being used to engage edutainment.

It is the idea of bringing mindfulness to one’s use of TikTok and thereby transforming that stone into something else. 

This digital creative work is a pilot collaboration with the non-profit org THINK (TB & HIV Investigative Network). This intervention project between Drama and Production Studies and THINK will use TikTok as a platform in generating and developing edu-tainment initiatives that aim to educate and entertain using this contemporary social media platform.  In considering the theme “romancing the stone” ours is a dual purpose with our partners THINK; 

  1. To challenge stereotypes related to HIV/TB infection while also, 
  2. Providing critical use of and interaction with and through a social media platform towards edu-tainment. 

In this way the project seeks to reinvigorate existing HIV/TB awareness and education through the use of contemporary social media.  The project will be workshopped with THINK and will feature Adv Diploma students from the Drama and Production Studies Department at DUT.” 


August 25, 2022