Fragile peace(?)

Fragile peace(?)

Name: Hannah Stiebel  

 Affiliation: Advanced Diploma student in the Fashion and Textiles department at DUT 

 Country: South Africa  

 Bio: I am 22 years old and currently working on my advanced diploma in fashion design at DUT at the brickfield campus. My specialisation and research focus is costume design, I have chosen costume design as I find the way in which clothing can be used as a method of storytelling fascinating. I plan on continuing my studies towards a masters. 

Fragile peace (?):

‘Fragile beauties’ invokes the thought on the
fragility of many things, such as peace. These beautiful, but

fragile things have been created however creation cannot
exist without destruction. Without destruction there is no

basis for creation and if nothing is created what is there to
be destroyed, to be formed anew – the cycle is broken. The

fragility of peace is a beautiful thing, the world is on a
constant tight rope on the line between war and peace.

Russia has tipped the world into war by invading Ukraine.
The fragile peace that had existed between Russia and

Ukraine has been destroyed, Ukraine was created through
the destruction of the soviet union.

This fashion film looks at the early days of the Russia-Ukraine war, through the same lens as the world is using – the news. History is written by the winners however through international media interventions the events are forever set in stone.The use of news headlines reminds the viewer of the

concept or meaning behind the film, this is a war in which the world can only watch: Russian invasion of
Ukraine, Russian assault intensifies in face of Ukraine

resistance*, these are some of the headlines used. The headlines along with the war footage
highlights and intensifies the destruction currently

happening in Eastern Europe. As bombs destroy Ukrainian cities, the rumble becomes nothing but stones as these cities are repeatedly assaulted by the Russians and defended by the stone faced and heartbroken Ukrainian citizens.

This film is best viewed on a smaller screen, such as a cell phone, as many people are keeping up with the news on through cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc…


August 25, 2022