ELLIPSES: The Earthly Musical

ELLIPSES: The Earthly Musical

Title of the artwork / collection: ELLIPSES: The Earthly Musical 

Author(s) name(s): David Quang Pham 

Country: United States of America 

Affiliation: Backstory Theatre 

Description of the artwork:

ELLIPSES stars the Galaxy family and their dog Gravity as they sing and dance their way through the Big Bang. The online collaboration between Atlanta, Georgia and Wyoming, Michigan exhibited at DigiFest’21. Between August 2020 and July 2021, ELLIPSES was developed in David Quang Pham’s Working Title Playwrights New Play and Dramaturgy Apprenticeship.

This year, ELLIPSES is both virtually and physically developed between New York City and Denver, Colorado. In May 2022, ELLIPSES was selected to be showcased at the 2022 Colorado New Musical Festival. ELLIPSES looks to be developed in a two-month long process with the associates of Backstory Theatre.

It starts with a virtual audition process between June 6-17. An in-person audition is happening on June 18 at Backstory Theatre. Then the in-person rehearsals with the authors’ online attendance happens on the following Wednesdays and Saturdays until mid-July. David Quang Pham will fly out from New York City to Denver. He will be for the final dress rehearsals. The musicals will finally have showcases outdoors at Brunner Farmhouse in Broomfield, Colorado on July 19, 21, and 23, 2022. 


August 25, 2022