Synergy Africa (Fight COVID-19)

Synergy Africa (Fight COVID-19)

Name : Assoc. Prof. Ahamad Tarmizi Azizan
Artist Name : Atan AF
Affiliation : Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK)
ASEAN Digital Art Society (ASEDAS) Animation Malaysia Educators Society (ANIMATES)

Atan AF

Creative artwork : Photo Manipulation
Title : Synergy Africa (Fight COVID-19)
Year : 2020
Technique : Digital Photo Manipulation

Description :
Synergy Africa (Fight COVID-19) describes the dangers of the COVID 19 epidemic worldwide, including in African countries. To deal with it, all parties must unite and synergize to eradicate the COVID-19 epidemic as it spreads rapidly. It is visualized through the visuals of the internet web. The artwork produced through photo manipulation techniques emphasizes the subject of the earth, the map of Africa, and the form of the human face wearing a face mask as a focus and becoming a new normal SOP to prevent the epidemic from spreading as fast as the internet. May we all be saved by the Creator.


October 28, 2020

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