Author: Shawlin Islam
Affiliation: Tanya Karim N R Khan and Associates‚ÄĮUniversity of Asia Pacific, Dhaka, Bangladesh

This typographic illustration portrays the global Covid-19 pandemic. The globe forming a parachute portrays the spread of the virus worldwide, where the corona virus once dominated parts of the world. The illustration also shows that humans now have developed resistance to the Corona virus. It motivates people to prevent the virus with weapons like social distancing, sanitizer, disposable masks, washing hands, staying calm at home etc. At this point people no longer fear the virus as they are immune or impervious to it.

The illustration highlights both the preventive measures and strong mental and physical wellbeing. It is very important to stay calm and mentally strong for prevention and cure from the viral disease. The global pandemic has a lot to teach us and above all there should be ‘Resilience’.


October 27, 2020

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