Prof Deborah Arlene Lutge

Prof Deborah Arlene Lutge

Author: Prof Deborah Arlene Lutge (Department of Drama and Production Studies, DUT)


A short video clip combining the Jerusalema challenge and COVID-19 campus awareness where four dance styles are synergized into one simultaneously presented product exploring traditional styles of singing and dance as a means to create an awareness campaign. The work was done by around 55 first year Drama and Production Studies Students, 2 third year students Sfundo Nzuza and Thulasizwe Zincume who worked as dance captains and singing coaches during the challenge and Drama and Production Studies staff available during the shoot, completed as a collaboration between the AV Unit, a Video Tech student operating a drone, and a filmed challenge acknowledging both President Ramaphosa call and the Faculty of Health challenge.

Video Brief:
Shot Plan – all participants in masks and social distanced:
FAD signage/board
Temperatures taken
Drama and Production Studies Board/signage
Shot of Theatre Manager relaying a distancing strip on the veranda
Walks pass students singing own composition of putting on mask and washing hands and sanitizing
Shot of Theatre Manager in reception area sanitizing and pointing to signs
Shots of signs in other areas
Shot of receptionist behind screen
Shot of lecturers greeting
Shot of Administrative assistant at kettle
Shot of technician using foot sanitizer and going through door to corridor
Shot of lecturer using foot sanitizer, door and sanitizing hands

Gumboot dancers coming down stairwell with refrains on sanitize, wash your hands, put on your mask, cough in the elbow, greet with the elbow, etc
Hand sanitization at the bottom of stairs last gumboot dancer sanitizing
Last gumboot dancer entering distancing venue
Students entering classroom from corridor
Hand sanitizer shot of demarcated classroom space with gumboot dancers traveling the room
Shot of all four groups of dancers dancing into rows of different dance styles timed to the singing of the hymn Jerusalem leading into outside courtyard
Gumboot/Isicathemiya/Pansula/Jive dancers do Jerusalema challenge four ways simultaneously
Sports centre shot in black pants and logo shirts doing traditional challenge dance in unison
With a dissolve to caption
“We care! Be safe!” and testing sites in KZN


October 28, 2020


  • Veena Partab

    I loved your take on this challenge.. Great introduction and beautifully choreographed. I loved the way various elements of South African culture was incorporated into the piece and that you used so many of the students. Great work Debbie and Team. Proud of you

    Reply November 5, 2020 at 11:21 am

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