Mutari Corpora: A Fashion Artefact Range

Mutari Corpora: A Fashion Artefact Range

Contributor: Kiara Gounder

Mutari Corpora is a fashion interpretation of animal anatomy indigenous to Southern Africa that is presented as adornment for the female body. This short fashion film visually communicates an artefact capsule collection that was developed by exploring the relationship between analogue and digital processes. I titled the collection Mutari Corpora (Mutated Bodies) with reference to the Linnaeus hierarchy of categorising and naming genus and species with a two-part Latin term (Kaesuk Yoon 2009: 33).

A range of three ‘exo-skeletal’ fashion artefacts conceptualise interior and exterior animal anatomy on the female body, representing a hybridity of animal and human biology. I used found objects mostly consisting of animal bones and horns, which were 3D scanned, reverse engineered and digitally manipulated in Rhinoceros 3D. The fashion artefacts can either be viewed on the body as adornment, or in the absence of the body, function as sculptural exhibition pieces.


October 26, 2020

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