Ilusi dalam Trilogy

Ilusi dalam Trilogy

Artist : Nurul Primayanti

Affiliation : Podomoro University, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Title: Ilusi dalam Trilogy
Year: 2016
Media: Aclyric on Canvas
Size: 80cm x 80cm

Description of work:
This work tells the recorded moments of the universe in the definition of the Trilogy. The three dimensions are:
1. round (sphere) = wave frequency of time
2. triangle (pyramid / cone) = The highest achievement is worth 1
3. square (cube) = Value or Value

Our Earth is governed by 3 Trigonometric Forms of the Universe which are influenced by Electromagnetism, the Rotation of the Sun and the Rotation of the Moon (29 days). Besides that, it can affect the emotional behavior of living things on this earth.


October 26, 2020

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