Dr Tancsik

Dr Tancsik

Educational Theatre II Our Healthy Food Project

This project was in cooperation with the Department of Food and Nutrition at DUT. All the TIE II students attended a workshop given by Sboniso Ngcobo from this department and he supplied our students with his created brochure ‘ Ubungqababu (meaning Vitality). This brochure was part of the Siyaphumelela initiative.

The students had to be convinced

a) that healthy food is not expensive and affordable even for poor
b) it can but must not take a long time to prepare
c) can be cooked and prepared that way to feed student during a whole day
of work on campus as a take away supply.

Students had to do their own research on the following topics:

Topic, Theme: select from page 2 in the Vitality booklets:

• Must healthy food be expensive?
• food groups in a full meal
• What chunk food does to your body?
• Why is variety in your daily meals important for you?
• Fight against Covid 19 through boosting your immune system with lots of
vitamins and minerals
• Do lifestyle and food choices improve academic performance?

Outcome or educational message

Examples: Healthy food must not be expensive, it can be fun to prepare variety of foods, meals rich of vitamins and minerals and will boost my immunity.
The right filling food can increase my academic results and my concentration span

What format can be used: using PowerPoint, filmed cooking session, filmed a general healthy food presentation, acting with Food puppets, acting as a chef and using
real food items to cook a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, take away).

Msasambe food puppet

Narttjie food puppet

Nkosikhona Dube


October 26, 2020

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