Covid19 Arrival

Covid19 Arrival

Title: covid19 arrival
Year created: 2020
Technique: studio, lighting and recorder.

This is the peace of my other craft I wrote this story looking at how South Africans sometimes don’t take things serious. Since I am a narrator, writer and a professional photographer I combined all my skills to to come up with something that can lighten people’s mind and make them understand that corona is real it affected lot of people and it even killed some and how it came, how everyone took everything so light and decided to play with on the internet and made all sorts of meme and jokes  about it but when it arrived in South Africa we all changed and  obeyed to what the president was saying in order to survive and win it. And how we were all hoping for the best, but that made us all strong and became one spirit.


October 28, 2020

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