Sparks Bantwana

Sparks Bantwana

Named by his peers because of his ability to keep listeners engulfed by his music and inspired on the dance floor, Sparks Bantwana is quickly becoming a household name at local Durban hotspots. In 2013 he was afforded an opportunity to play at the Scalla’s Notorious Sunday Sessions which was one of the biggest concepts in Durban at that time and that is when he met the Durban Event Promoter, Paul M Mdiniso who runs a communications company known as Woz’obona PR, Marketing & Events. Their relationship was based on brother-hood where Mr Mdiniso was a mentor to Sparks Bantwana. Through the years, their friendship grew stronger and stronger where Sparks was always around Paul and automatically he got a chance to do opening sets at all of Woz’obona events be it clubs, shisanyamas or outdoor gigs. In 2015 they then struck a management deal and that’s where all the serious music business begun for Sparks Bantwana.

He has captivated house music lovers with his distinctive sound, commercial beats with a unique African drum twist, and he performed around South Africa and surrounding KwaZulu Natal at locations that cater the well-known Celebrities such as Moyo, Scallas Cafe, eNuf Cafe (NRB) Midmar Dam, Spank etc. as well as the popular Max’s Lifestyle and Eyadini in Umlazi.

In 2012 he released his first single “IZIBONGO” & in 2013 he did the ‘Hit’ track KHONINT’ EKHALAYO which quickly caught popularity without putting any air-play, just by DJs pumping it at events and also the internet. A lot of radio stations were forced to pick up the song and sample it. Shortly after sampling it, it was on high rotation in no time.

In 2014 he produced the tracks titled SoHamba ngo7 & SMINORFF which also got to radio stations through the demand on the streets as patrons were jamming to them non-stop, the SoHamba Ngo7 jam did not stop keeping party people on dance floors but was not formally release till the end of 2015 and that’s when Sparks Bantwana teamed up with legendary DJs Vetkuk Vs Mahoota to re-do the song and add Character to spice it up with a verse. Sohamba Ngo7 was then formally released in 2016 and sampled to radio and TV platforms in SA and neighbouring countries.

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