Recognised as the Gqom originators, the production and dj duo that works to spread the unique energy and sound from Durban’s townships and soundsystems through rhythmic and raw sounds evolving from 90s Kwaito, house music & hip-hop beats.

2012 from the production duo of Andile T & Masive_Q. From their hometown of Mt Moriah, outside the notorious Durban township of Kwamashu, comes the gqom soundwave that has spread to music scenes throughout the continents. From the rough coasts of ZA, gqom carries rhythmic and raw elements evolving from 90s Kwaito, South African house music and hip hop beats. Although new to the industry, RudeBoyz have peaked the interest of many international

(Rudeboyz EP, released in 2015), as well as other platforms from Radio Cómeme to Dazed Digital sharing their story and showcasing the gqom wave of a hypnotic layer of driving, intense, gratifying and slow-burning rhythms. Rudeboyz have continued to build strong relationships with local and international musical community and industry. As producers, alongside making their own tracks, they have expanding to working on original compositions of tracks, as well as remixes, with South African contemporaries such as Sketchy Bongo, Okmalumkoolkat, Stilo Magolide, Bhizer, Aewon Wolf, Kaein Cruz as well as champions of SA sounds like Matias Aguayo and many more.



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