Robert Machiri

Robert Machiri

Robert Machiri (b. 1978), also known as Chi – short for Chimurenga – is a Zimbabwean multidisciplinary artist based in Johannesburg. Machiri’s work exists at the juncture of two streams of practice; his curatorial concepts and a multi-disciplinary production of artworks. His works draw on discourses of de-colonization by connecting sound, music and image making through social-politics. His most notable project PUNGWE is an inter-disciplinary project circling African soundings with related contemporary arts discourses and spaces. This collaborative practice takes the shape of PUNGWE NIGHTS a participatory public platform hosting alternative music and sound performances. Machiri’s current artworks interrogate the dialectic between object and subject for access to inter-medial experiences of sound and vision.



Performance by Robert Machiri

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