DJ Dums

DJ Dums

DJ Dums @Dumisani Khwela is a name synonymous with Durban nightlife, is a creative ambassador and a former resident DJ at Bean Bag Bohemia.

Dums has frequently been in the Durban nightlife scene for more than 18 years. He has featured at the city’s largest events which include: Celebrate Durban; The Durban July (on numerous occasions).

As a former Music supervisor for award winning film “Black Mamba”, Dums continues to collaborate with DKR Films from New York.

Although Dums mainly resides at the exclusive jazz bar – The Chariman, you can find him at many sought-after events/venues like The Outland Festival, Avante Garde Vintage Lounge in Jhb, 033 in PMB, The Dutch in Umhlanga, Cubana in Richards Bay, Popup Party in Joburg, Views at 25 in Durban and many other exclusive niche events.

He has featured alongside some of the largest international artists/DJ’s in the world, which include: Rich Medina, Culoe de Song and many other highly esteemed artists.

He has a unique blend of sounds which he creatively infuses, such as: the Sounds of Africa, Soul, Funk, Jazz & Bossanova. Making DJ Dums a culturally versatile influence of music.

Dums can create an ambience for a fashion show, while being able to master unforgettably unique sounds to get you moving to the music!

“Music Is The Weapon!”

Zen Kai Kai



Courtyard, City Campus

Music in the Courtyard

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