Digifest 4 – Call for student entrepreneurs

Digifest 4 takes place from 6 – 11 November this year and we are┬ácalling for proposals from student businesses to trade on:

10 November at City Campus

11 November at Steve Biko Campus

This is a great opportunity showcase your creative and innovative products while developing your entrepreneurial skills and trading with a large customer base.

To book a table please send in a mini-proposal of your business to Brightness at the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship before 19 October.

(031) 373 5752 BrightnessN@dut.ac.za

Students Call Logos


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Comments on Digifest 4 – Call for student entrepreneurs

Little Zamas

We are Second year students at DUT that have teamed up and would love to participate in the DUT Digifest on the 1st of SEPTEMBER 2017. We are a small company that sells food products and have opened the company last year in the purpose of saving up money to be able to buy our
school stationary and other necessities that we will need for the rest of our school years and the following school years to come.
We would like to sell food products such as
the following list.
The following is a list is of products we would like to sell:
Pop corn
Liquirish/ Candy
Hot dogs
Fried Chips
Cup cakes
Cool drinks

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